Liberty Brand Builders

Our Mission is to be the go to name for liberty based content and we take that responsibility very seriously. We feel that there is no greater medium to tell your story than the power of video. We live in a visual world, and every day people are finding new and creative ways to get their narrative out. Do not be left behind. You have a passion for liberty, but your story is as unique to you as is your definition of liberty. Let us find those characteristics about your brand that define you, and bring freedom to you story.

Video Storytelling

Every business needs video to tell their story, market their products and build their brand. We are positioned to be the go to leader for liberty based content. The attention spans for reading about companies are diminishing every day and people would rather watch a two to three-minute video about who you are and what you do, and if you are a liberty minded business then we say, wear it like a badge!

Why Us?

At Liberty Link Media, you will experience some of the most uniquely talented individuals with the perfect mix of liberty minded and brand savvy creativity. It is our passion for liberty, visual storytelling and brand building that sets us apart from the competition. We work with our participants to develop a long-term relationship in which we utilize video in order to build their brand. No company provides the same quality of work combined with a passion for liberty, impressive network relations, and your story the way that Liberty Link Media does.

Content Management

In terms of distribution and digital media, a well-crafted video content strategy can increase traffic, decrease bounce rate, provide search engine optimization benefits and help grow awareness to your liberty brand. The recent trend that big brands and successful businesses seem to be following is the concept of visual storytelling. Wasting that story on the main stream media, or expensive ad buys on major networks is no longer effective. If your client is emotionally connected to your brand, you’re giving your prospective customers a reason to choose you over your competitor, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than speaking to the liberty movement directly.

Why Us?

With a background in production and marketing and a passion for visual storytelling, our alternative media content strategy allows us to combine our strengths in order to stand out in a confusing and expensive world. Although, our flexibility gives us the ability to adapt to any situation and create video content strategies for brands across various platforms we have seen first-hand the value of targeted distribution in the alternative media space. Conveying the right message, following our liberty guidelines, and creating a video that reaches a target audience are just some of the valuable advantages we bring to each and every project we work on.

Post Production

Our producers and creative team work closely with our editors and post-production team to ensure that all the right elements are utilized in order to accurately represent each liberty minded brand. This allows us to stay as close to the project as possible and maintain creative control throughout the entire process. Visual effects, motion graphics, sound design, and color correction all play a role in creating the final product.

Why Us?

We are visual storytellers and liberty brand builders who have the right eye for piecing together visually engaging stories. With an eye for detail and a compulsion towards perfection, we will never say a project is complete until it has passed our rigorous standards. As a result, we put forth compelling stories told in an engaging way.

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