Liberty Minded Segments

We are experts in the Liberty Market and know best how to convey impactful messages that speak directly to a liberty minded demographic.

3-5 Minute Liberty Link Segments:

Our professionally produced 3-5 minute segments tell the stories behind the Liberty Movement. Our Content Producers carefully research and identify those who add to the veracity and integrity of the movement and eliminate those who don’t. Some examples of the types of stories that we produce are:

  • CEO and Company Profile Segments – Did you know that the some of the largest corporations in America today are run by Libertarians? Companies like Whole Foods, Amazon, and are all proudly run by Libertarians. Sometimes it makes the most sense to tell the story of the company through the eyes of its Patriotic leader.
  • Problem Solution Segments – Was the genesis of your product birthed from a need that has arisen in the Liberty Market? Do you feel that the right market for your product are patriots? We have incredibly talented writers and producers whose passion is to bring to life the story behind the need that you had the foresight to see.
  • Service Sector Segments – Does your business center around providing a service to Patriots and Libertarians? In these segments we focus on the ever growing service sector for our movement.

2-3 Minute Professional Service Segments:

  • Are you a lawyer who often finds himself fighting for liberty?
  • Understands the mentality of liberty minded CEO’s, and specializes in Executive Coaching
  • Accountants, Doctors. Whatever your field if you identify with the Libertarian mind set a 2-3 minute professional Service Intro is the best way to draw in the clients you will retain. Let people who share your vision and goals in life be the ones to bring it to life on camera. In addition to our vast network of partners and distribution channels you will immediately be able to benefit from ownership over the piece to be used across social media, your website, and any other venue you deem appropriate.
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