What We Do

We do Liberty Minded stories. Period.

We at Liberty Link Media produce 2-5 minute segments focusing on patriots, and the companies they represent. We know first-hand the disadvantages that exist to those in our movement, and we bear the responsibility of giving you a leg up. Media comes in all forms, and we realize the difference between what is effective and ineffective. We do not bother with main stream propaganda machines. Our entire focus goes directly to the alternative media.

We have aligned ourselves with some of the most influential organizations in the alternative media space, and have the ability to get the stories that matter most to us out to the demographic that matters most to you. Once the determination is made that your company makes the cut our talented team of Writers and Producers immediately go to work bringing to life your story of sacrifice, of freedom…Your story of liberty. Once the segment is finished  you retain full licensing rights to use across all media platforms, but we will also assign one of our talented Liberty Liaisons to cross promote your story to the alternative media. Every member of our dedicated team understands the Liberty Movement is a way of life, and they add passion to your story that no other production company has the ability to do. Wear your freedom like a badge. Brand your liberty!

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