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Dr. Dawn Sheehan

Dr. Dawn Sheehan was born in Dutchess County New York. She was raised in a family where the entrepreneurial spirt was strong and learning the importance of hard work and self-reliance was critical. She put herself through junior college running a hot dog cart throughout her summers, becoming the first and only member of her family to obtain a college degree. At the age of 20, she relocated to Florida and earned her Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Sheehan went on to obtain her Masters in Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical and Forensic Psychology. She began her private practice in 2001 and enjoyed great success as it grew to be the largest forensic practice in Palm Beach County. Throughout her career, Dr. Sheehan has experienced every aspect of the legal system from working in detention centers and state forensic hospitals, with police, probation officers, private and public attorneys, counseling felony probationers and as an expert witness. Or so she thought…

In 2015 her husband’s company was brought to battle with the Attorney General of Florida. With a lifetime of faith in the system and a career marked by defending it, she was certain the case would be closed without further motion. What she experienced instead was something she previously insisted the justice system was incapable of. Calling into question everything she stood for in her career, she chose to instead stand for her husband’s unwavering refusal to allow corrupt injustice to steamroll his liberty. The battle continues today, and Dr. Sheehan not only stands behind her husband’s decision to fight but now stands proudly beside him in their pursuit of liberty. Today, this team works together everyday to balance fighting for justice, enhancing liberty and most importantly raising their son to know those virtues.

J. Nicholas Veser

J. Nicholas Veser began his career at an early age on stage and in front of the camera. During his attendance at West Virginia University on a full theatre scholarship, he became interested in hospitality and worked in the industry while performing on Equity stages throughout the Northeast. His creative and leadership strengths eventually landed him Director of Business Travel Sales for The Ritz Carlton, Battery Park in Manhattan. Soon after, he was drawn to the warm weather and endless opportunity of television in South Florida. He began his career with an International Media Company as a Creative Director and ultimately became the Senior Producer for several shows produced by the company. In 2008, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Production where he thrived in the free and creative environment that he created for the many Scriptwriters, Production Coordinators, Editors, Traffic Coordinators, and Directors of Photography. Under his leadership, the team achieved tremendous success including 32 Telly Awards won over a 5-year span. In 2014, Nicholas left his career in Production after 11 years to own and operate a successful tech company.

Although any degree of success is not without its fair share of challenges in 2015 he was faced with his most difficult hurdle yet when an unethical Florida Attorney General crippled his small family owned tech company. This only served to strengthen his resolve and he along with his wife Dawn have now become champions of the Liberty Movement in this country. Big business, political donations, and corruption led to the fight of their lives, and they have made a conscious decision to stand up in the face of injustice until the truth is revealed. Through all of his success and adversity he still considers his greatest achievement to be his 6-year-old son Ryan.

Dustin Karrat

Dustin went to school for theater arts, specializing in fight choreography. After six years of working as a professional performer, he decided to move behind the camera and began writing, producing, editing, and directing. He is now Head Writer and Senior Producer for Liberty Link Media Group, overseeing all commercial and social media video projects.
Dustin is a scientific and philosophical Skeptic. When he applied logic and critical thinking to the concept of government, he had no choice but to believe that more freedom is better than less freedom, and that liberty is the moral path to prosperity.

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