Why We Do It

Why We Do It

The real question should be why we didn’t do it sooner. We have an understanding of the Liberty movement like no other production company of our type. The Founders of Liberty Link are passionate about what they do because they know first hand just how corrupt the power structure can be. Although what happened to another small family owned company of ours is an extreme example…Our passion for liberty stems from our desire to see a better world for our own child and future generations to come. After nearly 2 years of fighting a governmental enforcement body in silence we have finally decided to stand up and take the fight to the people. Huge corporate donations and politics led to persecution of our small family owned business, and we will never stop fighting for the truth to be revealed. In the meantime, we will continue to spread the word that there is another way…A better choice…A choice of Freedom…A Choice of Liberty!


We at Liberty Link believe that we are more powerful united. We believe that those of us who fight for our beliefs, and never back down are more powerful in numbers. Every story that we profile at Liberty Link has that same passion that we feel everyday for what we do. Your idea came from somewhere inside of you. Perhaps you started a home school program after seeing too much interference from the government in your own child’s education, maybe you are a medical professional who has opted not to take insurance because of excessive and intrusive regulation. Or maybe you had an idea for a preparedness company having seen the writing on the wall and knowing that at the rate we are going civil unrest is inevitable. Whatever the reason, and no matter what your liberty story is, we believe that the power of education is everything. First we must educate our peers, and then the world.


Have an idea for a different type of segment? We want to hear it. Please let us know. We believe that through education and of course, visual stimulation, we can make a difference in the mind of our fellow Americans. There is something deeply engrained in all patriots that sparks within us the need to speak up when everyone else is afraid, to lead when everyone else is following, and speak out against injustice, corruption, and abuse of power. That is why so many stories in the movement are just waiting to be told. These stories need to be told, and Liberty Link Media will be the first to tell them. Always compelling, a little controversial, but never predictable.

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